Truck collided with cars near Rehnsdorf. Four injured

A total of four people were injured in a traffic accident on the country road near Rehnsdorf this morning, one of them seriously. According to the police, a truck collided with two cars, which resulted in property damage of several thousand euros. The accident site remained completely closed off as part of the rescue and salvage work.

The police said:

On Friday morning, a collision occurred between a truck and two cars on Landstraße 52 near Rehnsdorf. Four people were injured, one of them seriously. They were taken to hospital for treatment. The road was completely closed during the rescue and salvage work. All vehicles were no longer viable when the damage cost several thousand euros and had to be towed away.

Additional police reports from Spree-Neisse:

Spremberg: Due to a mistake in parking, a NISSAN car and a VW collided in Wirthstrasse on Thursday afternoon. Despite total damage of around 6,000 euros, both vehicles were drivable. Three vehicles collided at 22.00 on Thursday in a parking lot on Glück Auf Street. The driver of a SKODA car crashed into a PEUGEOT and a MITSUBISHI and caused damage estimated at 16,000 euros.

forest: At 07.15 on Friday morning, a 9-year-old girl collided with a SKODA car on Elsässer Strasse. The child was cycling when the accident occurred. It was taken to hospital for medical treatment and the vehicles were damaged by several hundred euros.

Schorbus: On Friday morning, a collision occurred between an OPEL car and a motorcyclist on the country road between Schorbus and Auras. The 60-year-old fell with SUZUKI and injured himself, so he was taken to hospital. The vehicles were damaged by about 1,000 euros.

BAB 15 near Eichow: Shortly after 17.00 on Thursday, the police were called to a traffic accident that occurred near the exit from the rest area Dubje. A semi-trailer truck had switched to the left lane at the moment when a BMW car was already driving over there. No one was injured, according to an ambulance investigation. With a total damage of around 10,000 euros, a salvage service was called for the car.

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