No end to purchase premiums for e-cars

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Detlef Müller (SPD) opposes Lindner’s (FDP) proposal to abolish premiums for electric cars © Christian Spicker / Imago

Detlef Müller, SPD’s parliamentary group leader, has expressed his opposition to Minister of Finance Christian Lindner’s (FDP) proposal to abolish state purchase premiums for electric cars.

Berlin – Müller told the German press agency: “The expected return to the debt brake from next year and the extremely complicated global political situation with all its effects presents us with a difficult situation in the federal budget for 2023. This is also a special challenge for us Federal Minister of Finance In my opinion, however, it is not the right way to go about deleting individual subsidies such as the purchase bonus for electric vehicles without prior evaluation. “

In this case, it only led to uncertainty. “E-car buyers must be sure that things will continue in 2023 before ordering a new car, which sometimes has very long delivery times,” says Müller. He could imagine enough other subsidies in the mobility sector and in addition it should be discussed about their continued existence or future design. “But we need a serious and open debate, where everything is then put on the table.” Following Lindner’s initiative, a spokesman for the Minister of Economic Affairs, Robert Habeck (The Greens), also stated that the purchase promotion was relevant for the traffic transformation. He referred to the department’s proposal for additional electric car financing from 2023 and an internal government vote on this that is still ongoing.

Lindner had told “Welt am Sonntag”: “If it is up to me, the purchase premiums for, for example, electric cars and plug-in hybrids will be suspended. So far, the cars have been subsidized by up to 20,000 euros during their lifetime, even for top earners. This is too much “We can save billions that we can use more wisely.” According to a proposal from the Ministry of Finance in mid-April, the subsidies for hybrids with a combined electric motor and internal combustion engine that are charged via plug (plug-in) will expire at the end of this year. (dpa)

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