Formula 1: driver uprising against Hoppel cars threatened

Status: 2022-06-13 11:51

The Formula 1 race in Baku has not only been a very painful experience for Lewis Hamilton. Now there is a risk of a driver uprising against Hoppelbilarna.

In great pain tormented himself Lewis Hamilton from his silver arrow. The back, the head, almost everything hurt the Formula 1 superstar after the Baku torture in the wildly jumping Mercedes. Team manager Toto Wolff immediately worried about whether the 37-year-old could compete in the next race in Canada this weekend. “Definitive” be a forced interruption for Hamilton Possible. But now he wants to start.

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The constant blows in the cockpit, which many pilots in the new cars suffer from, are probably the biggest problem for the British. “It goes really deep on the spine and it has consequences”said Wolff, who believes it is possible for drivers to rebel against the technical regulations. “The drivers banged their heads and all but one said it was a problem”in Mercedes chiefs.

Only Alonso has no problem

Veterans only Fernando Alonso therefore does not care about the violent shaking of the new cars. Hamilton, for his part, let it be known that he only reached the finish line in Baku because he “bite your teeth” and the adrenaline helped him. He could barely explain his pain. “In the end, you just pray it’s over,” he said.

team-mate George Russell spokesman for the drivers’ union already warned: “It’s only a matter of time before we see a serious incident.” Many drivers struggle to keep their cars in a straight line on uneven roads. Hamilton sa: “I almost ran into the wall so many times.”

vehicles have changed significantly

The technical problem of jumping is caused by the vehicles that have changed significantly this season. At high speed, the cars are pressed on the straight lines towards the ground until they briefly touch the asphalt and then pushed up again. The drivers are shaken violently repeatedly. “I need someone to give me a massage tonight. It really hurts my back”in Alpha Tauri pilot Pierre Gasly after riding through Baku. Also McLaren– Driver Daniel Ricciardo warned: “We really have to deal with this problem, because it’s really painful.”

Stronger performance more important

The debate about jumping has raged since the test runs before the start of the season. According to a report in the specialist magazine “Autosport”, the law could not agree on technical countermeasures as a minimum ground clearance last year. And even now, racing teams keep their cars as low as possible, even if this promotes jumping, because otherwise they would lose a lot in performance.

“Obviously it’s a challenge for the drivers. But I think the cars are still quite comfortable to drive.”with Ferrari team leaders Mattia Binotto. Scuderia pilot Carlos Sainz at the same time worrying about their health. “We should think about the price a driver has to pay in his career”said the Spaniard.

“My back is killing me

That Sainz and teammate Charles Leclerc had to finish work early in Baku due to their technical breakdowns, at least spared the backs of the two Ferrari drivers. Mercedes pilot Hamilton suffered, however, in 51 laps and begged on the pit radio: “My back is killing me. Let’s change something, please, okay?”


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