Formula 1 – Baku operation: Vettel with wild rally maneuvers

Sebastian Vettel himself must smile at this mistake: The Aston Martin star runs to a strong sixth place in Baku, but on the way there he ends up in the emergency exit after a duel with Esteban Ocon on lap 13. Vettel reacts lightning fast after the accident and turns on Aston Martin in the finest rally style, like turning with the handbrake.

“Maybe it helps that I drove in the Race of Champions a few times”, Vettel laughs at the stage and adds ironically: “The art of rallying is there to at least do it with the car. I am after all. Quickly on the track came back, the rescue effort was Good.”

The German is still annoyed by the mistake before: “I really wanted to pass because we were faster on the fresh tires. I pushed past, but braked a little too late, which was a shame because Esteban had already given up”, explains Vettel, who comes off the line due to the deceleration: “Then I made sure I did not end up in the wall, so I went to the emergency exit.”

Vettel rushes to a strong sixth place in Baku, but ends up in the emergency exit after a duel with Ocon on the way there.

The consequence: The Hessian loses not only the position duel against Ocon but also two more places to Lewis Hamilton and Yuki Tsunoda. Vettel later grabs the latter again because the Japanese have to go into the depot with a DRS defect.

However, Vettel doubts whether he could have kept Hamilton behind him. “We had a fantastic depot stop where we beat Mercedes. To be fair, however, it must be said that Lewis’ racing pace was faster. Fighting for fifth place with Pierre (Gasly; ed.) Would have been realistic. But there are still many points. , so I’m really happy. ”
Almost more important for Heppenheimer is the upward trend at Aston Martin: “The recent races were pretty good. Also in Miami, where it looked like points and then we had the crash (with Mick Schumacher; ed.). Most recently we were in Q3 twice, today we were able to take advantage of the failures ahead of us, says Vettel.
So the trend is right. “The midfield is very tight and we seem to be able to play a little more now”, believes the four-time world champion. “We are approaching the limit of the car a bit, we were faster here than Alfa and on par with Alpine and AlphaTauri.”

Vettel’s conclusion: “The weekend was strong overall. The qualifier yesterday was fun and it was most of the race today, except for the one moment where I went straight.”

For the time being after his Formula 1 career, the German sent an application in the direction of a rally on Sunday …

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