E-car as a sleep aid for children: Faster in the dreamland

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A car trip is the last resort for some parents when the child does not want to sleep. Electric cars are apparently particularly well suited for this.

Coventry (UK) – The number of electric cars on the road is growing and growing – but many people are still critical of e-mobility. On the one hand, many complain about the lack of reach – but this is underestimated by many. Others, on the other hand, are bothered by the scarce charging possibilities – especially along the motorways, the possibilities to charge with electricity are few and far between. In addition, according to experts, every tenth charging station does not work properly. But according to a survey, those who have switched to an electric car usually do not want to go back to the internal combustion engine. Now, a survey has revealed a benefit with e-cars that has probably been unknown until now – something that especially parents of young children should like.

According to a study from Citroën UK, children fall asleep better in electric cars than in internal combustion vehicles. (symbol photo) © Cavan Images / Imago

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E-cars as sleep aid for children: snoring is faster in Strömern

As a study of 2,000 parents with babies and young children from the car manufacturer Citroën in the UK showed, the offspring seem to fall asleep particularly well in e-cars. 56.4 percent of owners of electric cars or plug-in hybrid vehicles said that their children fell asleep just as easily or even easier compared to a petrol or diesel model. Only around 12 percent stated that young people have difficulty falling asleep in electric cars.

Examination: On average, children sleep in the car after about a quarter of an hour

Although it is certainly not optimal from an environmental perspective, almost half (44 percent) of the parents reported that they took their child on a short drive to help them fall asleep. According to the study, it takes an average of a child around a quarter (16.5 minutes) to fall asleep in the car. 96 percent of parents said that their children usually fall asleep in less than half an hour.

However, since holiday trips can usually take quite a long time, it is likely that the children will not sleep during the entire trip. This is why parents should pay attention to a few things before going on vacation with their offspring, so that everyone arrives safely and casually at their vacation destination.

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