Blue light report for Mettmann, 22 June 2022: Two cars completely damaged after a frontal collision – Hilden – 2206108

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Two cars totally damaged after a frontal collision – Hilden – 2206108

Mettmann (ots) –

On Tuesday (June 21, 2022), a car accident occurred in Hilden, where two vehicles were seriously damaged. Fortunately, a woman was only slightly injured.

Here’s what happened:

At 2.30 pm, a 44-year-old woman from Haan drove her Mercedes in the direction of Haan. According to the current state of knowledge, she fell into a micro-sleep, which meant that she ended up in an oncoming lane, where she first collided with a railing and then frontally against the oncoming Renault by a 20-year-old Solingenbo. .

Apparently both parties involved in accident several guardian angels at the same time: despite the fact that both cars were completely damaged and no longer capable of traffic, the woman who caused the accident received only a minor hand injury while the 20-year-old was completely unharmed.

The police who were called found no signs of alcohol or drug consumption in the 44-year-old, or any signs of having been distracted by a mobile phone at the wheel. Police investigations currently indicate that the woman fell asleep at the wheel for a short time.

The police had to completely block Elberfelder Strasse during the accident investigation and both vehicles had to be towed away. According to initial estimates, the resulting property damage amounts to more than 20,000 euros.

This report was sent by the Mettmann police on June 22, 2022 at 06.12.

Crime statistics on drug crimes in the Mettmann district

According to police crime statistics (PKS) from the Federal Criminal Police Authority (BKA), in the district of Mettmann in 2020 all in all 1615 drug crime discovered. In 1.1% of the cases, these were attempted crimes. the degree of clarification included 90.2%. Among the 1,344 suspects were 1,185 men and 159 women. 23% of the people are suspects of non-German origin.

age number of suspects
under 21 398
21 to 25 231
25 to 30 222
30 to 40 307
40 to 50 136
50 to 60 45
over 60 5

In 2019, police crime statistics in the Mettmann district registered a total of 1,400 drug crimes, the information frequency was 91.9%.

Accident statistics and accidents in road traffic in the last 3 years

In the state North Rhine-Westphalia it was a year 2020 of a total of 54,250 traffic accidents with personal injury 430 dead and 66,680 injured. There has been a slight downward trend in the traffic accidents registered by the police throughout Germany in recent years. In 2020, a total of 2,245,245 accidents occurred in road traffic 2,685,661 cases in 2019 and 2,636,468 cases in 2018. This trend can also be observed in the number of accidents with personal injury. In 2020, 264,499 accidents occurred in which people were injured and a total of 3,046 people died. In 2018, 3,275 fatal accidents were registered out of 308,721 accidents with personal injury.

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