Berlin police shut down natural gas cars

Several police vehicles in Berlin are threatening to explode. They can therefore no longer be refueled and closed from the beginning. There are 14 cars of the Volkswagen brand that run on natural gas. The morning post first reported on this. According to the report, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) informed the police in Berlin that there could be a risk of explosion when refueling with natural gas vehicles from VW due to corrosion of the tanks.

There have been problems with thoughts in the past. They were exchanged in a recall campaign. Despite this, an incident occurred where a tank in a private vehicle was blown up and the person filling the tank was injured. Most recently, a VW Touran exploded at a gas station near Bremen in mid-April 2022 – while the car was refueling. The owner was injured and had to be taken to hospital with cuts on his legs.

VW: A gas cylinder that explodes can cause fatal injuries

VW currently announces that with the recall campaigns “20X7, 20Y8 and 20X4, the replacement of gas cylinders in natural gas vehicles of various series has been taken into use. The model series Touran, Passat and Caddy are affected. Owners of affected vehicles are asked to contact an authorized Volkswagen workshop”. And further: “Corrosion on the gas cylinders in the affected vehicles can cause a gas cylinder to rupture, causing serious or fatal damage.”

According to the report, the internal letter from the Berlin police also states that the use of the 14 vehicles concerned is prohibited with immediate effect, and that refueling with natural gas is no longer permitted.

More specifically, civilian vehicles from the service dog handler unit, service vehicles from the central service directorate and a civilian vehicle from directorate one are affected. It is unclear when the cars will be ready for use again. First, “the further procedure such as calling and transferring the vehicles to the workshop, the technical inspection, the acquisition of spare parts and the replacement of the tanks will be discussed and planned”, the report states. According to the police, the affected cars were seized. The tanks were also technically “developed” in such a way that “unintentional refueling is also excluded”.

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